Concert on the occasion of Latvia's 99th Independence Day Anniversary.

Four musicians from the three Baltic countries united here in Vienna into the Baltic Quartet for the concert on the occasion of Latvia’s 99th independence day. During the Concert will be performed only music of Baltic composers. The Baltic Quartet have prepared inspiring programme.

Rääts (1932). Concerto for chamber orchestra arranged for string quartet op.16 1st mvm Allegro
Naujalis (1869 – 1934). Piece for a string quartet “Svajonė” (“Dream”)
Vasks (1946). String Quartet No.3 2nd mvm Allegro Energico
Eller (1887 – 1970). “Kodumaine viis” (“Homeland melody”)
Balsys (1919 – 1984). String Quartet 4th mvm Allegro con brio
Vitols (1863 – 1948). String Quartet op.27 4th mvm Finale


Each Baltic country will present a performance by musicians and artists residing in Austria.
A range of contemporary and classical music will be offered for all tastes. Be ready to be surprised by the Baltic talents!


In line with Austrian  tradition, FORMAL EVENING WEAR is expected.

This means full length ball gowns for the ladies. Gentlemen are requested to wear white tie or black tie (a tuxedo). Alternatively, you may wear military dress uniform.

All guests are more than welcome to appear in national costumes.

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